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Cedar Grove

Los Feliz | 3 comments

Address: 2649 North Commonwealth Ave, Los Feliz, CA

A mystical, micro-forest attracts Hollywood hikers & families to come explore its unexpected, enchanting wildlife.

Located on a low-profile Los Feliz hillside, this hidden habitat offers sweeping city views from Glendale to Downtown, and Hollywood to the sea. Eating Tijuana tacos, a sandwich, or other ready-made meal feels ideal while sitting on one of the built-in benches. Others may fancy a few minutes of restorative meditation, followed by a fauna/flora scan – we saw a massive red-tailed hawk.

There are several ways to access Cedar Grove, but the two most common start at the same point. Aim for the address above, find street parking, and enter the park on foot. Then, either (A) hang an immediate right or (B) continue up the paved road along the golf course.

If you choose A, you’ll arrive at Cedar Grove within 10 minutes, whereas B takes 30. The difference? One requires athletic prowess.

Route A – as you enter the park, you’ll notice the posted signage to your immediate right (1st picture below). Behind the signs is a dirt hill – climb that, and follow the path up & around a small ridge – and Voila!, you’ve arrived.

Route B – walk up the paved path alongside the golf course. Turn right at the white barrier gate and continue up the road for 20 minutes until you see the brown trail marker sign – number 37; that’s where you enter Cedar Grove – to the right.

Everyone should most definitely make a point to come visit this place. It’s an absolutely outstanding, LA bucket-list location that all will undoubtedly appreciate.

While in the area, consider checking out the Fern Dell Nature Trail, Greek Theater, Griffith Observatory, Los Feliz 3-Par Golf Course, and William Mulholland Memorial Fountain.

These photos were taken January 2021. Click to enlarge.


  1. Jordan

    I did this last week thanks to you and it was breathtaking. Not a serious hike, very easy and very short, but just what my soul needed. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Admin

      Awesome! So glad to hear. My family & I just went again yesterday! It’s a very spiritual spot. Thanks Jordan.


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